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A four-piece live gothic music act from New England.



Vile Heathen




Keyboards, Sampling, Backing Vocals



Keyboard, Backing Vocals



Electronic Drums/Percussion

We formed in 2014 and from the onset, we sought to bring live industrial music to the stage. Driven by principle, our sound is heavily influenced by EBM (Electronic Body Music), synthpop, gothic metal, prog, and darkwave.


In May 2017, we released Intersect. A journey through a gauntlet of dark thoughts, sexually charged narratives, and contempt for the patriarchy, this was our first full-length offering to the world.


We are currently planning more shows and parties, writing new music, and continuing our mission of celebrating the macabre and musical expression brought to life in an inclusive environment.


The Intersect is alive, and Nechromancer has only begun.